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Gold bullion is one of the best investments during inflationary and troubled times but you must by gold at the best prices, check out the Gold Buyers Guide to see how. Gold & Silver are great hedges against inflation and safe investments without the stock market risk. Many people buy Gold bullion in either the form of Gold Coins, Gold Bars and Ingots.  With all the problems today including the Huge 14 Trillion Dollard governent debt and crises throughout the world, Gold bars come in a variety of sizes and weights from as small as one gram bar to the one ounce, ten ounce, one hundred ounce and one thousand kilogram bars as well as the traditional large 400 ounce bars and 1000 oz bars or ingots which are primarily used by large companies and institutions.  Some investors choose other precious metals such as Platinum or the very common Silver Coins and Silver Bullion.  Many people collect  Ancient Coins which came from the Roman or Greek Empire. is Your Free Source for 24 hour Bullion Auctions & 24 hour Precious Metals News. Gold Bullion Coins. Gold bullion dealers.  Silver Bullion For Sale.  View the Continuously Updatd Listings Below. Gold bullion is either gold coins such as Krugerrands and bars of various types, sizes and weights. For investment and safety purposes, you should have a portfolio containing some precious metals.

Somtimes you can find Great Deals on Gold, Silver & Cars! from Goverment and Police Auctions and sometimes you can find a bargain.  If you like silver trading, here's system that produces Huge Pofits in Silver without Taking Big Gambles! 

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